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Women Love Beards!

And science can prove it! A 2020 study from University of Queensland revealed that women find men with facial hair to be “attractive and dominant, both socially and physically.”

This study asked 919 American women ages 18-70 rated photos of men.

And, yes, you guessed it, men with beards were rated the most attractive for both long and short term relationships.

The researchers suggested that beards highlight masculine features and these features signify social and physical dominance, and these things may influence mating preferences. And women who wanted children did find beards more attractive.

Women who showed a disdain for beards were more likely to have a fear or disgust for uncleanliness, pathogens and parasites.

Women who had a strong sense of “moral disgust” or shied away from topics that were taboo liked bearded men more, suggesting beards possibly as a sign of moral conservatism.

The researchers in this study cited a past study that found men who grew beard felt more manly, so this could also be a self fulfilling prophecy- when you feel sexy you look sexy!

But what about the mustache?

Well, there are no recent studies on the ‘stache or the nose warmer if you will, but a quick look at Hollywood can give us a glimpse into our future where men are donning face furniture more frequently.

We will see Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible with some whiskers. We saw mustachioed Mark Consuelos join his wife Kelly Ripa on her show during quarantine. And we cannot forget about Donald Glover!

So what are the top mustache styles right now?

According to Fashion Beans, all of them!

There is the chevron, picture Tom Selleck and Eddie Murphy.

Then there is the beardstache, pretty self-explanatory.

The pencil. Thank you Jamie Foxx. If you chose this one, be ready for a lot of upkeep.

The horseshoe made popular by Hulk Hogan and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. This is a bold statement.

The much loved and stared at: handlebars.

The walrus, a shaggy and outgrown ‘stache.

Facial hair is in!

It was in before quarantine, and now that we have all been home away from our stylists, many have gotten creative.

No matter what, tons of facial hair or none, it is incredibly important that men care for their skin and hair health. While we all have different opinions of what style looks best, it is universal to find healthy attractive.




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