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There’s an age-old debate that always seems to surface when it comes to what women want in a man. Here’s the cold harsh truth; women love and want a well-groomed man!

While some women might enjoy a little scruff on a guy, male grooming is definitely the key to attracting a mate. You don’t need to be good-looking to attract women, but you DO need to look good. That’s exactly what Tiffany Bellamy, the founder of “Red’s Groomed Man” was thinking when she developed the recipe for her line of grooming products for men.

A man’s appearance is essential in today’s time. It’s a make it or break it, the positive or negative impression that women will notice immediately. Poor male grooming often leads to bad impressions, which in turn decreases the chances of women finding a man attractive. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or a dating whirlwind, there’s something about a well-groomed man!

A man has to focus on every aspect of his appearance inside and out. But women focus on the outer which is his clothes, head of hair and facial hair. While Red’s Groomed Man is not in the business of fashion, their line of beard therapy treatments will make male grooming a priority for every man. So, if you are looking for ways to get better at self-grooming, here is something to consider.

It’s all about presentation. Good grooming makes you aesthetically more attractive and let’s face it, gentlemen, grooming has a direct impact on your aesthetics and it’s what women notice first. For instance, trimming your beard the right way can make your face look cleaner and more symmetrical and the cleaner it looks, the more attractive it looks. But it also has to feel as good as it looks so when she touches it, she is even more impressed with you and attracted to you. When you are well-groomed, you’ll notice that your interaction with women is much easier. Seriously! If you have a well-kept beard, there’s a good chance that some women might even walk up to you and give you a compliment. How’s that to kick off a conversation?

When men want to improve their dating life, they start looking for magic pills. “What pickup line will get her to say yes? What games can I play, or gimmicks can I use to make her want me?” But what men don’t realize is that all the dating tricks in the world won’t help them if they don’t take care of themselves and good grooming is the perfect place to start. Every time you groom yourself, you are taking care of yourself. When you make grooming a part of your daily routine, you improve your self-love, which will make you way more attractive to the possible woman of your dreams.

Proper grooming, combined with other grooming habits, can easily increase your dating life and will definitely increase your attractiveness, both on the outside and on the inside. Grooming is one of the key things you can do to turn yourself into that powerful, confident, in-control man that women go bananas for.



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