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The Platinum Rule of Gift Giving

Do to others as you’d have done to you is the Golden Rule. But recently I just learned the Platinum Rule: do to others as they wish to have done to them.

Maybe you prefer to have bad news told to you quickly. Rip the band-aid off. But your spouse/friend wishes to have it told gently and cautiously. The Golden Rule says tell them the bad news quickly. The Platinum Rule says tell them gently.

Makes sense, right?

Let’s extend this to gift-giving. What is it that men really want?

It’s the age-old tale. The man buys the woman a vacuum cleaner. Practical. Necessary. The woman is upset by this seemingly cold (or sexist) act. The man is confused.

Many men love to receive a power tool or accessory for their car. Why isn’t a vacuum cleaner, which this woman has said she needed, acceptable?

You can, of course, remove gender stereotypes from this scenario. The fact still remains, buy a person what they want, not what you’d like to receive.

Giving gifts is supposed to be a way to show someone how you feel about them, so it should be something they want (assuming that the way you feel about them is positive.

There are so many more options for gifts for men. Gone are the days of paperweights, sports paraphernalia and ties. Consider some of these unique gifts for the men in your lives.


For many people, if they want something they buy it. Maybe not large ticket items; for many of us those have to be saved for and budgeted for. For this reason, it is often difficult to think of something to buy a person because if they said they wanted it, they probably bought it!

That is why consumables are great. Think of the men in your life. Each week they probably buy the same booze, snacks, chapstick, candy or takeout.

Nothing says “I see you” like remembering someone’s brand of whisky or favorite cigar!

Save them the trip to the store!

Accessories for Consumables

How about complimenting that bottle of whisky with a nice set of whisky glasses or non-melting ice cubes. Or an engraved lighter/cigar cutter.

Many of these small accessories can be personalized as well adding an extra loving touch.


In the past decade, men have added more skin and hair care products to their daily routines. Most men probably have a favorite product. These make great stocking fillers.

Consider using small locally owned and black-owned companies like Reds Groomed Man Products from companies like these are great gifts. They are not only great products but it has become trendy recently to support small businesses so part of the gift is exposing the gift receiver to a hidden gem that they can use themselves.

Buying a beard oil treatment is a luxurious gift for any man. It says “I see you. You work hard. Treat yourself.” This could be for your husband, a coworker or a father. This is a great gift and it may turn in


What once used to be super expensive, electronic gadgets run the gauntlet of costs. There are small gifts you can get for coworkers and larger gifts you can get someone closer to you.

Video games, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, virtual reality devices and so much more are great gifts.

Homesteading Prep

Cottagecore is not just trending among women! Cooking, canning, sewing and growing are all very trendy right now.

Many men in your life will appreciate a bonsai tree, a new crockpot or a homebrewing kit.

The most important consideration is the person you are gifting. What do they want!



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