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The Perfect Curl Sponge for You!

Did you just say what’s a curl sponge? If you did, and you have short natural hair, get yourself a curl sponge! And if you don’t have short natural hair, but know someone who does, you just found the stocking stuffer for them!

This is a unisex product!

What’s a Curl Sponge? How do I Use It?

A curl sponge has many textured holes. They come in several shapes, but the glove is a favorite! This tool works best on slightly damp hair or with light styling gel. Do not press heavily on your hair. Spin in one direction only. Use the sponge in a circular motion across your head until you reach your desired look. Within minutes you will have a head of perfectly formed twist. It takes minutes to get curls that look like your finger curled them. A time saver for sure.

Curl sponges work best on short naturally curly or coily hair textures that are at least 1 inch, but not much longer than 2 inches. With shorter hair, it may not work as well as the curls will be too short to reach the holes. There are some sponges with bigger holes that could work for longer hair.

Curl sponges are not dangerous to hair if used correctly. Most importantly is to have damp hair and not press hard. This can cause strands to break.

These are great gifts especially for the person in your life who has just recently started to embrace their natural curls!



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