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T-Shirt Culture: Why We Love Them So

The pandemic has most of us doing work from home in our comfy clothes. Maybe you have a nice top on, but your bottoms are definitely sweatpants if you are in the “I now work from home” group. Those that still leave their house to go to work (unimaginable to many of us these days), still likely come home and shed their work clothes immediately, throwing on a T-shirt or hoodie.

T-shirts are amazing. They are comfortable. Everyone looks good in a t-shirt because they are t-shirts. They are not meant to be fitted or baggy; they are what they are. You can sleep in them. You can shop in them. You can wear them with jeans, chinos, shorts or sweats. Your girl can borrow yours and look cute or sexy. They are the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet.

T-Shirts as Self

T-shirts are not only incredibly comfy clothes; they also hold a special place in our hearts and memories. They are the clothing we get to commemorate an event. We buy them on vacation and at concerts. Our friends and families give them to us as jokes or to show they get us.

The better the vacation or the closer the family member is, the longer we keep that t-shirt.

It is likely that if you open your drawers right now (or closet-do you hang your t-shirts?), you’ll find a t-shirt you have had for over 10 years. Maybe you even still wear it and know where the hole in it came from.

T-shirts are so incredibly important to us, that some people even have them made into quilts.

T-shirts also help us declare our independence from the herd. T-shirts are hilarious. T-shirts are political. T-shirts are rebellion. T-shirts are inside jokes.

Free T-Shirts

Ever been super excited when someone handed you a free t-shirt because you just showed up somewhere. At the bar, the Bacardi rep was there handing out swag and she handed you a t-shirt. You don’t drink Bacardi, but hey, a t-shirt is a t-shirt. Sound familiar?

T-shirts are social gold.

Team Building

If you are a business owner and have not done this yet, please do. Team t-shirt day at the office. Seriously! Sounds corny, but people will go nutty over it. Spice up that casual Friday and ask each department to come up with a t-shirt that describes their department. It will be hilarious! And it will force each of the teams to discuss amongst themselves what their team is all about. Try to get that kind of teambuilding any other way and it usually fails or is done half-heartedly.

And that t-shirt will stay in their closet for years to come. They may not (or maybe they will) ever wear it again, but they will see it in the closet at least and think of the laughs they had at work with their coworkers.

Company T-Shirts

Here is another testament to t-shirts: employees will wear a t-shirt with the company logo on it even when they are not working. Despite the fact that most people do not want to think about work when they are not at work, they will wake up on a Saturday morning and put on that free t-shirt they got at the holidays or at the company picnic. Why? Because it is a t-shirt and we love t-shirts!

Want to boost morale? Giveaway a free t-shirt!

T-shirts are favored by nearly every human on earth. They make wonderful gifts, memories and statements!



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