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Self Care Gifts for the Women in Your Life

We all have women in our lives who put everyone else first. It seems like they have a hamster on a wheel in their brains and 8 hands. They get everything done, they get everyone organized, and they forget about themselves.

Nothing says “I love you and I see you” like a gift, and especially a gift that says “take care of yourself; you deserve it.”

Here are some awesome gifts that will say just that. Whether it is for your sister, wife or friend, these gifts will deliver the message you want to send.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are the new bubble bath. They are meant to nourish and moisturize the skin while creating a relaxing experience.

But buying just any bath bomb can blow up in your face. Some bath bombs put fragrances and colors that can irritate skin and others can use chemicals that can disrupt the Ph of a women’s vagina. This is the opposite of self-care!

A simple rule of thumb: steer clear of things like fragrances, phosphates, artificial dye, talc, parabens, and glitter.

Here are some reputable brands:

Groovy Kind Of Love

Ocean Breeze Lavender Bath Bombs With Rings--Vegan friendly and animal cruelty-free

Meluka Aromatherapy and Skin Care-Small and Black Owned Business, Vegan

Hair Care

Heat Cap

This is great for the woman who loves her hair and has fun loving it. Many of the styles popular currently require women to treat their hair pretty rough; thus, heat moisturizing is a critical hair care step. Therma Hair Care, a black-owned, grassroots company, has made this process easy to do at home with Hot Head! A heat cap filled with heat-producing flax-seed. Just pop it in the microwave and VIOLA!

Head Scarf and Edge Wrap

Nighttime routines can often cause women to stress because many of those things we do at night mess our hair. Eunré, a newly emerging, black-owned business, sells 2 products to make this easier for women.

Lightweight and satin scarves make it easy to sleep in and help keep hair neat and in place.

Eunré also sells an Edge Wrap. No need to get your edges wet when you are washing your face at night, or any time of day.

These two simple and inexpensive gifts take the stress and edge off of small day to day nuisances.


Nothing screams luxury self-care like a robe. They give you one at 5-star hotels. They give you one at the spa. Any woman looking to introduce or step up her self care needs a robe.

Believe it or not, it is not unusual for a woman to have more than one robe. We like lightweight robes in the summer and when we are putting our make up one, but a heavier fluffier one in the winter or when we are just lounging and cuddling.

Add a hood or some pockets on to these robes, and we are in love. Trust me about this. When a woman finds a piece of cute clothing and there is also a hood or a pocket, it is the first feature she will point out to her friends.


Louder for those in the back!


Rosé and prosecco are very popular drinks right now among women. There is nothing like hanging with your girlfriends and sipping on some bubbles. It is the epitome of female bonding.

And while we often think of self-care as being an activity we do alone, being and laughing with friends is one of the highest forms of self-care. From a historical or evolutionary perspective, women need other women. Presently, women have executed this need by hosting boozy brunches.

Here are some brands we love to support!

McBride Sisters Collection Yes She Can Rosé-Black Owned

Stellar Wine Company- Female owned, environmentally and socially responsible

These gifts will remind the women in your life that you love them and that you support them taking care of themselves first. Like the flight attendants will tell you- put your oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs. We cannot help each other if we are not taken care of first!



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