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Missing the Barber Shop

A balding friend of mine posted a selfie on Facebook the other day, tagged his barber and wrote “when Corona keeps you away from your barber, you pay tribute to George Jefferson. I swore I would never rock this cut.”

Yes, he is bald on the top but has hair on the sides.

COVID-19 has surely taken so much away from us; the barbershop among them. Barbershops all over have shuttered their doors leaving men in need of trims and tight lines but also in need of camaraderie and male bonding.

We got to speak to @KutzbyKaine about how he and his clients are handling the quarantine. He works in a shop outside of Atlanta in East Point, GA.

He said initially when people have just started staying in, he was making house calls, but eventually, when everything started closing, he stopped his visits as well.

After about a week of stopping cuts, Kaine said he was getting text messages from his clients. They were sending him pictures of their in-need-of-a-cut hair and stressed out messages.

When I asked Kaine what advice he was giving to his clients on how to maintain their hair, he said he wasn’t. In fact, he said, “even my beard has been roughing it out.”

To be honest, this is not what I expected! But it makes sense. This time is stressful and unusual for everyone. And I got to say, I appreciate it. Kaine is suffering right there with his clients. Missing them as much as they miss him.

We are all just “roughing it out”

The closure of barbershops is painful for both the client and the barber. Like many small businesses right now, barbers are closing the doors and turning away customers and because of this, their businesses will suffer.

But the clients are missing more than just haircuts. Let’s look at everything else a barber offers.

  • A good barber will have the knowledge of scalp and skin diseases

Few rarely think of the health services a barber provides, but in fact, your barber feels heads and scalps all day, so if something is off on yours, he will notice. Plus, how often do you get to look at the top of your head? Rarely, I imagine. So if you are inflicted with scalp psoriasis, ringworm or any other possible disease, your barber may be the first to identify it.

  • A place for men to be with other men, and only men

Politics. Cutting up. Sports. We all lead such busy lives. Work. Family. Gym. Chores. Just getting some time to unwind is often pushed to the side, yet we know for our mental health and souls bonding with others and having that sense of freedom that comes with being around those like you, who will not judge you and who are looking for the same thing as you is critical.

  • Barbers have top of the line hair and skin products you may not have at home

Taking care of your hair, skin, scalp and beard requires several products and understanding of your hair and skin. This is not something all men are into, but something good barbers know about!

  • Professional always looks better than DIY

Need I say more here?

There are a few things you can do while you are at home to keep your hair, skin and beard looking good.

  • Moisturizer every day

  • Know your hair and skin type

  • Wash your hair less often. Once/week is what is recommended

  • Use products right for your hair and skin type.



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