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Men's Fashion Icons of 2020

GQ released their list of their 50 Best Dressed Men of 2020. Last month, we took a closer look at a few.

Here are the 3 we’d like to highlight this month

Donald Glover

Alton Mason

Tyler, The Creator

Donald Glover

You may know him as Childish Gambino or the star of Atlanta. Possibly, in neither of these roles do you consider him a fashion icon. But take a look at his outfits off stage. Most of his outfits are a little bit throwback and a little bit his own.

You should not be shocked to see Glover in a tucked-in polo, reminiscent of the preppy college boy of the 1980s, complemented with a pair of Gucci loafers!

Glover is usually in tailored, shape fitting clothes, but he pulls loose-fitting to. Donning a 1970s style checkered suit at the Lion King premier, Glover looked fly especially since he added his own touch to that suit with a scarf around his neck.

Donald Glover’s art is known for its deeply important messages regarding racial injustices and police brutality. His art is serious. His style is fun. Like most of the men on this list, this style did not just happen by accident. His stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, has been working in men’s fashion for a while. Her earlier clients were Bradley Cooper and Chris Evans; both of whom are still with her. She describes her approach to styling as intimate and requiring a bond between stylist and styled.

Alton Mason

Alton Mason was 2019’s model of the year according to He has an interesting story. Starting out dancing alongside stars like Lil Kim and P. Diddy, Mason was eventually scouted on Instagram in 2015 while in L.A. dancing for his godmother, Laurieann Gibson.

His first modeling job was at New York’s Fashion Week in 2016 for Kayne West’s Yeezy Season 3 Collection.

Look for Alton Mason’s first single in the short coming-of-age film, Rise in Light. This song inspired by his visit to Nigeria, a deeply impactful trip for him.

In the video for this song, Mason wanted to pay homage to African designers, many of whom do not get recognized. Mason is donned in a purple suit inspired by the feelings of walking on African soil with purple representing healing, enlightenment and freedom.

This trip to Africa was eye-opening for Mason. It forced him to see his American schooling regarding African and African-American history as false. He says, “We are more than Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and slavery. We are creators, and our soil is so sacred that anyone who steps foot onto the land can feel a sense of home and belonging, for this is where it all began.”

He is motivated by his intentions to inspire and give back.

Tyler, The Creator

Describing Tyler, The Creator’s style may make me seem confused, but I am not.

Skater, Golf, Colorful florals and hats

Why and how do all of those things go together?

Tyler, The Creator.

Vans, Lacoste, Converse, Hip hop

Again, how do all of these things go together?

Tyler, The Creator’s Zsofia Paulikovics described his style as surreal. Surrealism is characterized by the juxtaposition of unusual imagery. A great description of Tyler, The Creator.

At a GQ photo shoot, he was wearing red plaid gold pants, a white shirt with a green cardigan and a blue blazer on top of that.

He is also known for his streetwear. In many candid shots, Tyler, the Creator can be seen wearing bucket hats, large bags and 5- panel hats.

Check out his line Golf Wang.

The styles of these three men capture 2020 for sure: unexpected. This list was curated well before the pandemic hit and each month 2020 revealed something more unexpected, but if these men's pre-pandemic styles are representative of 2020, this year was always meant to be filled with the unexpected.



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