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Men's Fashion Icons of 2020

Recently we wrote a blog about the various hairstyles available to men, black men specifically. As the world changes, options available to men change as well. Hairstyle, clothing style and beauty products are all things men of the 1950s would have never have spoken of. Now they are the focus of many magazines, award shows and social media feeds.

GQ’s 50 Best Dressed Men of 2020 is out, and we’d like to take a look at the 14 Black men who have made the list. Here are just 3. In subsequent blogs, we will look at the rest!

Lil Nas X

There should be no shock here that he has made the list. Lil Nas X turned our heads from his first entry on the scene, riding a horse, singing a country song in his music video "Old Town Road."

In December of 2019, he appeared in Elle in a feature looking at his best outfits, and you know there were lots of colors and cowboy hats in that layout.

Lil Nas X has described his style as “Prince inspired.” Others have described his style as “redefining masculinity” and “exploring uncharted waters in men’s fashion.”

His stylist Hodo Musa is a 36-year-old Somali born woman (who grew up in Sweden, worked in the UK and moved to London--we should write a blog just on her!) who started working with him after his head-turning music video release. Prior to that she was aware of who he was but had never seen him before, but when she finally laid eyes on him she was struck at how beautiful he was.

Lil Nas X says she is responsible for 100% of his styles.

Lakeith Stanfield

Stanfield stars in so many hit shows and movies, but rarely do those roles show off his style. Looking at his character Darius in Atlanta or his character Cash from Sorry to Bother You, it is reasonable that one would not picture him as a style maverick. In these roles, he often plays an aloof seeming average dude who is actually quite wise and mysterious.

But off-screen, he dresses a different part. In a video he did for Vanity Fair in 2018, he explains the evolution of his fashion. He starts with his first professional photo taken at South by Southwest where he quotes “I feel like I had kinda made it I guess.” And because of that feeling, he decided to wear a button-up shirt to present a more business-like image; the shirt belonged to a friend of his and was too big on him.

Lakeith’s style is indescribable because it is not predictable. When you hear him talk, you can tell he is a spiritual man, once stating that he had two-way conversations with the marijuana plants he took care of when he worked in a grow house or when describing his FX Award show outfit in 2016 where he wore a scarf wrapped around his head.

I think the best way to summarize his style is with a quote from his Vanity Fair video: “what people think about you is in their mind not yours so I don't really care that much.”

Lebron James

Lebron James did not enter the scene as a style icon. Some of his early 2000s looks are hilarious if I do say so myself, cue 2004 draft day over-sized white suit (sorry Lebron).

But Lebron is known for his style of well put together outfits with a little something off, in a good way. There is something sophisticated yet comfortable about Lebron’s style.

Last year, Lebron launched a new collection of comfy clothes called Hôtel. This line is sleek with minimalist colors and a little flashy metallics and metals near the logos. The line has socks and underwear, shorts and pants and hoodies and tees. And they are reasonably priced! Hôtel is sold exclusively at UNKNWN and mostly made in the US.

Women have had the pleasure of playing with style for years. We are excited to see more and more men having fun too.



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