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DIY Hair Care: Is it possible?

Raise your overly washed and probably chapped hand if you miss your barber! Besides the social and self care reasons for missing the barber shop, there is also hair care to be concerned about.

Your barber is more than a stylist; he is also a hair care specialist. Barbers typically use top quality hair care products. They trim dead and split ends from your hair and they massage your head getting the blood flowing in the scalp. All of this is incredibly important to having healthy hair.

So as men are home staying away from their barbers, their overgrown hair and under-cared for hair’s health is being neglected.

Here are some tips for men on how to care for their hair while they wait for it to be safe to go back to the shops.

  1. Shampoo less frequently- dried out hair is not healthy! Many shampoos have sulfates. These help strip clean your hair and get the gunk from products out of your hair. But they also strip your hair of the oils produced by the scalp to protect your hair.

  1. Just because you do not wash your hair daily, and even if you do, you need to hydrate your hair. Use conditioners, leave in or wash out. And it is not just your hair that you will want to condition; your scalp needs moisture too, so massage it in.

  1. Use products, shampoos and conditioners, that do not leave gunk in your hair.

  1. Especially while we are stuck home, find a low maintenance hairstyle that does not require too many products. Find the products that are made for your hair type and your ethnicity. Avoid products with alcohol, mineral oil or petroleum.

  1. TRIM those dead and split ends. It will make your hair healthier and it will look good too!

  1. Brushing/combing/picking. For shorter hair use a soft brush to control those hairs that want to fly out of place. Hard brushes are for styling or creating defined shapes. For longer hair use a wide tooth comb or an afro pick.

  1. Don’t rub your hair with a towel to dry it. If you must use a towel, pat don’t rub. And if you use heat, use as little as possible and consider a leave in condition.

It is important to know what type of hair you have and what that style of hair requires. Read up on your hair type and make decisions based on your hair type.

You can also consider using this time at home to try wild hairdos you would not normally consider! Some of us might be unexpectedly embracing the gray look right now like Diddy and Kevin Hart.

Take a look at what some celebrities have experimented with their home hair in this Metro article


Check out this LA Time’s article, to laugh at men cutting their own hair…badly.

And some are just going wild with child barbers like Taika Waititi and some are going bare headed like Riz Ahmed.

Quarantine offers us a little freedom with our style. But with freedom comes your HAIR. Take care of it. Healthy hair leads to long term good looking hair.



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