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Check out these Black Owned Hair Care, Fashion and Beauty Supply Companies!

By now everyone’s Facebook and Instagram page has featured a list of black owned businesses. In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests, people are finding more and more ways to empower and embrace black people.

Here is why supporting black businesses is so important?

It should not surprise anyone that wealth in the United States is not distributed fairly. Much of the wealth lives in the top 1% of the population. Additionally, white Americans have had access to generational wealth as well as systematic supports to keep and grow their wealth. These same privileges have been harder to come by for black Americans.

Supporting black owned businesses is a way to protest and ideally fix this disparity.

Here are some well known and not so well known black owned beauty and hair care products and here are their stories.


Goodee sells everything from household items to beauty products. Their focus is on beauty, sustainability and ethics. According to their website, “Our brand partners report to us on their materials, supply chain, labor standards, ecological footprint and business practices. That’s something we feel good about.” Each item and supplier on their page has a story so buyers can feel comfortable knowing about the process, the business and the people.


Gilded is a beauty company which takes pride and care in providing high quality skin and face products. Here you can find body brushes, brightening skin polish, oils and serums, and many other products.

To explain where their names comes from, I thought it was best just to quote their website:

" For centuries, whisper-thin gold leaf have adorned the worlds {sic} most exquisite works of art. From the tombs of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, to opulent Art Nouveau icons, gold has been used both to add an ethereal touch and also for its protective finish. This delicate process, known as gilding, is exceptional in every detail —so, the saying goes, to gild the lily is to hold a candle to the sun —in other words, to take something that is already perfect and make it better. Our products honor this craft and embody the marriage of luxury with a painstaking attention to detail - taking your already perfect body, and making it even better."

KNC Beauty

KNC beauty is everywhere, but one place you will definitely find it is at Urban Outfitters.They specialize in eye masks, lip masks and lip scrubs. They have been featured in Forbes, Teen Vogue and Travel+Leisure to mention just a few.

Coloured Raine

Loraine R. Dowdy is the owner and founder of this cosmetics company. Born in Brooklyn and of Caribbean descent, she left a job in the financial industry to start a company that highlighted and respected self-expression, and diversity She wanted a company that was sure to include shades for people of color.

Dowdy believes that beauty knows no age, color or gender.

Pattern Beauty

This is Tracee Ellis Ross’s beauty line. I love her promise under the Our Story section of the website:

"We will meet your hair where it is & empower your curl pattern.We will give you access to your best curls in your own bathroom (or someone else’s).We promise to nourish your hair with affordable and effective products & cherish your health with safe ingredients. We promise to help keep your hair healthy & hydrated, juicy & joyful."

BeautyStat Cosmetics

Featured in Allure, GMA and Cosmopolitan BeautyStat Cosmetics sells skin serums intended to reduce fine lines, produce firmer skin and improve skin texture. Its active ingredients are Vitamin C, L-Asorbic Acid and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).

These are only a few. A simple Google search can find you tons more. Check local Facebook and Instagram pages for local businesses in your area that are black owned.

Leave comments with your recommendations!



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