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Best Hairstyles for Black Men 2020

The history of Black hair in the US is as complex as the history of the Black American. When leaving Africa on slave ships, many Africans brought their customs, including their wide-tooth combs, necessary for their fragile hair.

After slavery, many Black Americans felt pressure to fit in and this led to years of straightening or keeping hair short. Some of these techniques required hair damaging heat and chemicals.

With the Civil Rights Movement came the Black is Beautiful Movement, and many began to embrace their natural hair. This era brought popularity to the Afro and the well-known fist comb. Soon after in the 1970s, we saw a rise in dreadlocks, thanks to Bob Marley’s popularity.

And of course, the 1980s and 1990s brought us the high top!

It is 2020!

And men are free from gender stereotypes when it comes to primping and styling. It is not unusual for men to have various products for their hair and one for their beards too. Along with that comes a variety of hairstyles for men. Thus it seems that Black men have more in hairstyles to choose from than ever before.

Here are some of our favorites!

  • The Man Bun. This is a style that transcends race. White. Black. Asian. Hispanic. I call liar on any woman who says the man bun is not sexy as hell. This style has many sub-styles, so take your choice.

- There is the braided man bun- for all lengths of braids!

- The high and top man bun

- Curly with a fade man bun

- Black man bun with undercut

- Cornrows into a man bun

  • Dreadlocks. Thick or micro, long or short, they have not gone out of style. And they can be styled atop your head, down your back, pulled back in a pony or short with a fade. This is a classic style, and very sexy.

  • Afro. The Afro has a variety of styles. Afros can be short with a fade. They can be big, like Questlove’s and don a comb (a symbol of solidarity). Afros work for all lengths and types of hair. They can be short, curly, and long.

  • Twists and Senegalese twists, a.k.a. rope twists. They are usually long and thick.

- Twist outs are another great twist style and convey a fun and carefree vibe.

- Want something a little more serious and reserved, try short twists with a fade.

- Not willing to commit to dreadlocks, but like that look, long twists it is!

  • Braids. Here is another classic style with tons of sub-styles for long and short hair. If you are considering braids, there are now so many more types of braids like front feed braids and long box braids and undercuts with braids, and we could go on. Just look at this picture we found on The Trendy Hairstyle

The Fade!

  • Curly top fade- goes from a natural curly top to a blurred hairline at the neck!

  • Short part with fade

  • Short waves with a fade (add a part too!)

  • Temple fade. This leaves the back as long as the top but the temple and around the ears come to a blurred hairline. A bit like a faux hawk.

  • High top. Yes, it is back. Thank you Kid ‘N Play

  • Line up. Have your barber fix up your natural hairline for a sharper more striking look. Add a line up to most hairstyles!

  • Clean-shaven (ooh with a beard). Not all men can pull this off. You must take your head and face shape into account, but there is something special about a man with a clean-shaven head and a beard.

Hawks-these need no description!

  • Faux hawk with a fade

  • Fro hawk

  • 2 braid hawk-- ok maybe this one needs a pic! Take a look at the 2 braid hawk features on Men's Hairstyle World.

For years, women have been able to play with hairstyles. Women change for seasons, moods and events. Finally, men have these options too! Embrace it.



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